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I was born & raised in Pittsburgh, PA! I moved to the Washington DC area in 2006 and lived and taught there until November 2013 when we moved to the Pensacola area. I have three children, my daughters are 19 & 20 and my son is 3. I enjoy being outside, reading, playing my trombone, singing and spending time with family.


Fun Fact: I have taught every grade Pre-K-6, except for 3rd!


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Alison Kitchin

Welcome to Mrs. Kitchin's First Grade!

Welcome to first grade! I am so happy to be here at Byrneville this year. I know we are going to have a wonderful, fun filled and successful year in first!


Please check the website often to be notified of what we are doing in class, and to be the first to know of important happenings in our classroom and school!


Our Class Rules:

1. Stay in your seat

2. Raise your hand

3. Keep your hands and feet to yourself

4. Keep quiet


You may hear your child come home and talk about things that are a "B." The "Bs" are my easy way of explaining tattling and telling. If you tattle, your goal is trying to get someone in trouble. Telling is trying to keep someone from getting hurt or hurting others/property. You may always come tell if its a "B!"

B Chart


We also have a procedure for what to do if someone is bothering you:

1. Ignore

2. Walk away (if you can)

3. POLITELY tell the person to stop

(example: "Please stop talking, it is bothering me")

4. Tell a teacher if they do not stop

Weekly Homework

Spelling: Each week boys and girls should be practicing their spelling words with activities on the back of their green folder. These assignments do NOT need to be turned in.


Reading: Boys and girls should be reading each night for at least 20 minutes. Staring August 29, each student will bring home a bag with books inside. They are to read these books first before reading anything else!


Grammar/Phonics: Weekly grammar and phonics worksheets will come home. These are not graded and do not need to be turned in, however, they are good practice to support what we are doing in class.


Math: As with grammar and phonics, math worksheets will come home. They will not be graded, or need to be turned in, but are good practice to reenforce skills we are learning in class.


Citizenship: Students come home with a green folder daily. Please check this for any communication from myself, or the school. Please review the behavior calendar and initial each day. The code for the rule infractions is below the calendar. Please contact me with any questions!