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Student of the Month

Upcoming Events:

Tuesday, August 30:  Open House

Friday, September 9:  Grandparents Day

Deana Weaver Locker

Welcome to Third Grade!

This Week We Are Learning:


  Story:  "Yoon and the Jade Bracelet"

  Comprehension Strategy:  Visualize

  Comprehension Skill:  Sequence

  Genre:  Realistic Fiction

  Vocabulary Strategy:  Context Clues



  Chapter 1:  Estimation, Strategies for Addition



  Chapter 1:  The Practice of Science

  Lesson 1:  What questions do scientists raise?


Social Studies: 

   Week 2:  Our World


Language:  Sentences






1.  Study spelling, reading, and vocabulary workshop words. 

2.  Read for 20 minutes and record it on your reading log.


Spelling Words:

1.  mess

2.  head

3.  check

4.  ready

5.  crops

6.  stop

7.  block

8.  rock

9.  shut

10.  bathtub

11.  jumps

12.  slump

13.  funnel

14.  gush

15.  trust

Reading Vocabulary:

courage:  Courage is bravery in a difficult situation.


celebrate:  When you celebrate, you do something special.


disappointment:  When something is a disappointment, a person is sad because something is not as good as expected.


precious:  Something is precious if it is very valuable to you.


pride:  Pride is a feeling of satisfaction in something you have done.


remind:  When you remind someone, you make that person remember something.


symbols:  You use symbols to represent ideas or objects.


traditions:  Traditions are things that have been done for a long time.

Our Special Areas:

8:10 - 8:40   Music (Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday)

8:10 - 8:40   Art      (Friday)